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Save Energy This Winter!

With temperatures dropping and wardrobes changing, there is no doubt Winter has arrived.

For many, this means loads of hot chocolate, snuggly winter woolies and your favorite movie marathons, but do not forget with cold weather, brings higher energy bills.

Direct customers of Eskom experienced a 2.2% tariff increase in April, while municipal customers can expect an increase in July.

Consumer budgest are already tight, but saving energy does not mean you need to turn your home into a freezer.

Follow our tips to stay warm and beat the winter blues.

* Open your curtains in the morning to allow sunlight to heat your home naturally and remember to close them when the sun has set to keep the heat in

* Skip the tumble dryer. Instead dry laundry outside

* By improving your c- If you are using a heater to warm the room, close the doors to prevent the heat from escaping to other areas

* Use extra blankets to keep warm or a hot water bottle instead of an electric blanket

* If you do use an electric blanket, switch it on an hour before you get into bed and switch it off before you go to sleep

* there is no need for it to be on all night

* Try avoid using the heater by dressing warmer ompany’s energy efficiency, encouraging a paperless office and minimizing waste, you will decrease electricity bills, save money on office supplies and cut down on wasteful expenditure.

* Check all exterior doors and windows for air leaks

* Use insulating paint on the inside and outside of your home, this will ensure heat does not escape

* Keeps doors and windows closed as much as possible

* Since it gets dark sooner in the evenings and later in the mornings, lights are kept on for longer. Replace bulbs with energy efficient ones such as LED or CFL

* Switch off appliances that are on standby mode

* Use a slow cooker for cooking hearty winter meals and a microwave for warming up meals instead of an oven

* Turn the temperature down on your geyser’s thermostat, a lower temperature means less consumption

* Just because it is cold, does not mean the geyser needs to be on all day, you only need to switch it on about two hours before you need to shower/bath and switch it off once it has been heated

* Buy a geyser blanket and insulate the pipes to prevent heat from escaping

* Better yet, purchase a solar water geyser

Be sure to implement our energy saving tips this winter to keep the costs of your electricity bill down!

Our Blog

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