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Surya Power (Pty) Ltd is a 100% African, Women owned and managed Energy Service and Infrastructure Company. Our vibrant family of problem-solvers combines innovative solutions and ethical practice to create a sustainable environment for all. Established in 2012, Surya Power is based in Johannesburg and operates throughout South Africa as a level 3 BBB-EE contributor. We are able to reduce the carbon footprint nationally by implementing and integrating energy efficient processes in the public and private sector.

Our Purpose

We believe in sharing knowledge to create a sustainable future.

We are committed to actively building our communities, not because it is a corporate responsibility – it is who we are. Our commitment stems from the belief that we are part of the communities we serve and therefore need to promote their well-being.  

Surya Power is focused on:

  • Promoting socio-economic development
  • Supporting women and youth empowerment
  • Providing opportunities for growth
  • Building strong relationships with stakeholders

Our People

As a service company, our people are key to the success of our business which is why we have created a family environment for our team. We respect and value the individuality and diversity that every member brings to the business and seek to create a positive, supportive and open working environment wherever possible. For us, the personal development of our members is as important as the development of the business itself.  We are committed to investing in our members by:

Our Values

Surya Powers’ core values offer a set of guidelines on the behaviour and mind-set needed to achieve our purpose and from which we develop our company culture, brand and business strategies.

Our Ethics

At Surya Power, we are committed to achieve and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct throughout our business practices and in our dealings with all of our stakeholders.  We, at all times, seek to comply with all laws, regulations and ethical guidelines and are continuously attempting to minimise, where possible, our impact on the environment. 

Our Focus

Climate change has become one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced.  The serious impact of global warming is clear due to the disruption of the worlds’ climate system. To ensure that we do not leave future generations an unsolvable problem, it is crucial to significantly reduce global emissions immediately.

Most of the technologies humanity needs in order to do this already exist, we just need to implement them through effective policies. One of the fundamental energy and environmental policies is energy efficiency. Reducing energy demand decreases greenhouse gas emissions more cost effectively than any other energy or climate policy.

Energy efficiency is a way of managing and restraining energy consumption. By understanding overall energy consumption we are able to become more energy efficient while still maintaining the same or higher levels of productivity. This does not only benefit the environment, but also benefits our economy. Developing and implementing energy efficient products, technologies and services; we are able to prevent wasteful expenditure for consumers, drive innovation and productivity and create jobs.

These Are The Ten Core Values That We Live By:

  • With the people
  • Evolve, empower, educate
  • Build family spirit
  • Promote environmental sustainability
  • Be passionate
  • Freedom to do
  • Embrace diversity
  • Everyone is accountable
  • Have fun
  • Go getters



“We believe in sharing knowledge to create a sustainable future”

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